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  BEJALI WOOD the main business is high end European & American exotic fine veneers. we have 25 years experience of veneer producing in Spain by Eurogroup www.eurogroupbelcaire.com Our product range: nature veneers, bleached & dyed veneers, cut to size veneers, marquetry veneers, smoked veneers, and also technical veneers which we are able to design on your own ideas. Our experiences and possibilities are focusing the furniture and architecture, outfit of buildings, like hotels, casinos etc. our main business in BEJALI WOOD is to provide the best quality and quality products due to the price. Our paper backed products can be adjusted to UV test, water boiling test, and fire resistance test if needed. For the huge stock of veneers in Spain, we are also able to offer world unique walnut burl veneers, size and quality wise.

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